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Innerspring Mattresses are Most Common

Innerspring Mattresses : Typically higher coil counts are a good sign, but coil design is even more important for comfort and ... : Editors take apart 11 mattresses from the three top manufacturers- Sealy, Serta, Simmons.  Cons ... : SLTD compiled data from over 2600 innerspring mattress owners and the results show a 61% satisfactio ... most innerspring mattresses will last 5 to 10 years with the right kind ... : While mattress shopping is found to be subjective, feedback gathered by Choice Magazine reveals that ... : Mattress Buying Guide discusses what to look for in a new mattress.  Discusses the construction ... Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses 3.7 out of 5 stars out of 88 reviews , Serta Mattresses 2.1 out of 5 s ...

Highest Overall Satisfaction Ratings

Memory Foam Mattresses Memory Foam at 81% is the highest rated category forcustomer satisfaction over air, innerspring, lat ... : …Review of Tempur-Pedic “..Seems they use a temperature sensitive, breathable material ...

2012 Ergonomic Institute Muchen Heat Study: 10% of all mattress owners (regardless of the brand they own) are dissatisfied because they sleep ho ... : “The Best Mttress For A Better Night’s Sleep” Memory Foam has a slight advantage o ... 6/15/12 Satisfaction Ratings: Comfor-Pedic By Beautyrest 94% “We sleep so much better in our C ... : Pros include: Conforms to body shape, Isolates Motion Between Partners, Can offer relief for joint p ... On a three month clinical trial, over 90% of people trying a particular brand of viscoelastic mattre ... You should select your mattress based on your needs and not price.  Memory foam mattresses bene ... A higher density memory foam mattress is better quality than lesser densities but to a degree.  ... : Owner satisfaction overall rating IComfort 86%, Comforpedic 91%, Tempur-Pedic 81% 6/20/12 ... : “Definitely a top pick for me!  5 Stars”   ... : “The Best Mattress for a Better Night’s Sleep”  An adjustable bed can be a go ...

Natural, Pressure Relieving, Durable

Latex Foam Mattresses : Talalay Latex comes in natural, synthetic, or a blend of the two.  Natural Latex will have natu ... : Talalay Latex generally is softer than comparable layers of Dunlop Latex.  Dunlop is denser or ... : Should Your Chemical Mattress?  Organic mattress companies wrap their mattresses in wool for a ... : How do you know if latex is what you need? A) You are extremely allergic to dustmites, molds, and m ... : Talalay Latex eliminates pinches and pains that disturb a good night’s sleep.  By reducin ... : Latex has natural qualities that simply make it the perfect organic mattress material.  100% Na ... : 7 questions to ask when buying a latex mattress involve: 1) For maximium pressure relief which kind ... : Latex Mattresses are difficult to shop because of all of the different processes and types of latex ...

Adjust Your Firmness Preference

Air Mattresses : 4 out of 5 stars Average Rating: Excellent out of 62 reviews.  37 were rated 5 stars. Pros: no ... : Comfortaire has a 83% Owner Satisfaction rating which is higher than Select Comfort’s 78%.&nbs ... : IC 900 Model from Comfortaire continues to get top reviews around the country.  Edge to edge sl ... : Top manufacturers are Select Comfort and Comfortaire.  Pro’s: Infinitely adjustable suppo ... : Out of 440 Consumer reviews Select Comfort Mattresses received 2 out of 5 stars and an Average Ratin ... : 1.5 stars out of 5 Review on Select Comfort “It Feels like I am on an inflatable bed that you ... : Consumer Reports finds Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number as the two brands owners report that they are m ...